Features and Advantages
Unlimited coverage

BabyPhone Deluxe has an unlimited coverage, as it uses the mobile network of your mobile network provider. It does not matter anymore how many walls are between you and your baby or how big the distance is. You just need to make sure that you are back in time when your baby needs you. This will enable you e.g. to go into the hotel bar in your holidays, to go out for dinner in a restaurant close-by or visit your neighbors. On top you will save on the costs of a babysitter, as you simply don't need him so often anymore.

Less electric smog

The BabyPhone Deluxe produces significantly less electric smog than classic baby phones. Even if the charger is connected the values are very good as the phone function does not emit radio waves all the time. The phone gets only active if a noise exceeds the adjusted volume threshold.


BabyPhone Deluxe gives you the possibility to speak to your child over the loudspeaker of the mobile phone placed next to your childs bed. This might soothe your baby completely, so that you don’t need to return, but for sure: hearing your voice will calm your baby a little bit until you to take it into your arms again.

Recorder function

The built-in recorder starts recording automatically as soon as any sound volume exceeds an adjustable level. This works independently from the baby phone / baby monitor function. Everything that got recorded can be played, deleted or exported as a single file or in a batch. Don’t miss the first words of your baby, record how your baby is singing on its own or control how often and hard it was coughing in the night.

More mobility for the parents

BabyPhone Deluxe can be used everywhere within your mobile network. You don't need a power socket or a telephone line. Probably you will have your mobile phone always with you and there is no need to pack an extra baby monitor device. So it is the perfect device during your holiday and in unexpected situations.

High voice quality

BabyPhone Deluxe guarantees the same voice quality that you are used to from your mobile calls. You will not lose any voice quality by increasing distance.

Safe, tested and enhanced

Parents around the globe tested the BabyPhone Deluxe application and are very happy. We develop and test a dedicated version of the application for each operation system that we support. You can rely on a rock-solid stability and an excellent user experience.

Your BabyPhone Deluxe is not ringing you, but you want reassurance that your child is doing fine? The so called call-in function will be available in version 2.0 for all Android powered mobiles. With this function you can initiate an active call from the configured phone number to convince yourself. Every other phone number will be blocked and send to the voice mail box. This big differentiator guarantees that incoming calls will not wake up your child. So it's not necessary to put the mobile manually to silent like it is with the iPhone.

Very cost effective

You can buy the BabyPhone Deluxe application at a very fair price, which is much lower than the price of a classic baby monitor. On top you can save money on a babysitter as well, you won't need one so often anymore! 

(*) Available features depend on the mobile and the operation system used. 

Feature comparison table

Android Mobiles
Price of BabyPhone Deluxe application incl. Recorder
3.99 €
3.99 €
BabyPhone Deluxe will call configured number
Adjustable sensitivity of the microphone
Choose phone number from your contacts
Type phone number directly  
Start call from configured number / Call-in function  
planed for version 2.0
Automatically block incoming calls from other numbers  
Adjustable call delay
Adjustable reactivation time*   only in iPhone OS 2.1
Save energy mode for the baby phone / baby monitor function
Additional BabyRecorder
Play and delete recordings single/batch
Export of recordings planed for version 2.0 
Save energy mode for the recorder function
Download of detailed manual in PDF
Free Upgrades for the BabyPhone Deluxe application


* in iPhone OS 3.1 you have to reactivate the application after each call manually