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Feature comparison table
iPhone 3G / 3GS /4G
Price of BabyPhone Deluxe application incl. Recorder
3.99 USD
BabyPhone Deluxe will call configured number
Adjustable sensitivity of the microphone
Choose phone number from your contacts
Adjustable reactivation time*   only in iPhone OS 3.2  
Save energy mode for the baby phone / baby monitor function
Additional BabyRecorder
Play and delete recordings single/batch
Export of recordings
Save energy mode for the recorder function
Download of detailed manual in PDF
Free Upgrades for the BabyPhone Deluxe application


* in iPhone OS 3.1 and iOS4.x you have to reactivate the application after each call manually

Buy BabyPhone Deluxe for the iPhone, the iPhone 3G + 3GS + 4G

BabyPhone Deluxe is available on the iTunes App Store!

Warning: BabyPhone Deluxe won't re-activate as expected on iPhone iOS 4.x! Please read the information on this page to find out why and what you can do about it! Before manually re-starting the app you need to terminate the BabyPhone Deluxe process completely over the Task Manager by doubble clicking on the Home Button, clicking on the app for 2 seconds until you see a minus, click on the minus and click again on the Home Button.