What our customers say
DannyMom, iTunes, USA
May 6, 09, 00:00
When our child was coughing we recorded this in the night and played it the next day to the doctor. So he knew at once what kind of coughing this is and how to cure it.
SZ2000, iTunes, USA
April 30, 09, 00:00
best baby monitor app in the app store: we tried it out, did a lot of testing, and this is definitely the only one to trust
iphone_papa, iTunes, Germany
April 10, 09, 00:00
Translation: Works great - easy to use, runs perfect
CarstenF, iTunes, Germany
April 5, 09,00:00
Translation: Super App! Does everything like described and works reliable. A lot of possibilities and ease of use. I'm loving it!
Mamavonzwei, iTunes, Germany
March 30, 09, 00:00
Translation: Passed all tests! I just can recommend this product. On top of the normal functions of a babyphone i can adjust how many seconds my kids have to be loud bevore i get a call. And also the iPhone turns dark after a few minutes.
binekbine, iTunes, Germany
March 25, 09, 00:00
Translation: Super solution! What a great baby and also the rest of the design is very good. We baught it for our holiday in Spain und so we could ly on the pool during the afternoon sleep and in the evenings we went out for dinner only the two of us. I wish there would be the call-in function / 2-way-communication like in the version for the Google Phone G1.
kb1376, iTunes, USA
March 25, 09, 00:00
I can't believe how easy this is. It has all of the functions I'm looking for, monitoring, recording, and a time delay. I really like the recording. As a single father, I can mow the lawn without having to worry if my son is sleeping or not.
kirstin_h, iTunes, Germany
March 23, 09, 00:00
Translation: Phantastic idea! Works eady and without any mistakes. - you really can use it everywhere where you have a mobile connection without any problems with the distance or the voice quality. We tested it before using a lot (how long does the battery last, does it realy call, what happens if someone calls, if a SMS comes in) and we are totaly content. Also with the recorder we did already a lot of nice recordings.
Aasapex, iTunes, Germany
March 24, 09, 00:00
Translation: very good program. Easy and fast usuable.
Daniela Schilling, Stuttgart, Germany
Feb 26, 09, 09:25
Translation: As I have my mobile always with me, I do now have a babyphone always with me. Helped already in some unexpected situations.
Susanne Krohn, Hamburg, Germany
Feb 16, 09, 22:14
Translation: Finally my mother, who lifes two houses apart, can babysit our daughter without sleeping in our house. Exactly what we were waiting for.
William Stone, Weymouth, UK
Feb 14, 09, 18:20
Real simple to understand, just like you are used to on the iPhone. Would be nice if the babyphone and the recorder would work at the same time...in the next version maybe? Why can't I export the recordings?

Comment of the redaction: this is a technical limitation given by Apple Inc. of the iPhone.

Ingrid Gsell, Füssen, Germany
Feb 14, 09, 13:57
Translation: Thanks that you integrated a recorder in v1.5! Cool thing, don't need to walk with a recorder right after Oli, just put my iPhone next to his bed.
Damian Hodder, Texas, USA
Feb 12, 09, 22:25
Great, great, great! Best baby monitor app for the iPhone I saw so far! We are using it regularly.