Do you have an iPhone OR an iPad and a second mobile phone? Is it reassuring to always know what’s going on in your child’s room? Then choose BabyTweet Monitor – the baby monitor app that sends you messages via Twitter to each device that has a browser.

ONLY  $0,99!!

BabyTweet advantages vs. a traditional baby monitor device, are:

  • unlimited range
  • no interference with other baby monitors
  • you can tweet to many receiving devices
  • slider for the sensitivity when a call needs to be made
  • events log tracks all activities in the baby’s room


More functions:

  • choose from your iPhone Twitter accounts
  • filter for shorts sounds, like coughing, etc.
  • automatic screen dimmer
  • rock-solid stability

*** How does BabyTweet work in detail? ***

You only need ONE iPhone or ONE iPad in the children’s room. The app will send tweets which you can receive on every browser-capable device (smartphone/PC/Mac/iPad) using or a Twitter-App. Both devices need only Edge E for the data transmission, though it also works on 3G or WiFi. The app will regularly report your child’s activities using Twitter (intervals are configurable in the settings). The configuration of the app is wizard-based and very easy. The app also supports customisable “@mention”, an incoming alert can trigger a push notification on your receiving device (supported by most Twitter Apps).

What if you don’t have a Twitter account or you don’t want to use it for the baby monitor app? Starting from iOS 5.x it’s very simple to create an account through the settings of the iPhone: go to Settings => Twitter.

We recommend that you connect the baby sender iOS device to a charger when the app is active and place it around 2-3 metres distance from your child. Please put your iPhone on silent to prevent your child from being woken up by incoming calls.

*** Why does the screen go dark? ***

Just leave the app running in active mode; don’t turn off your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. After a couple of minutes, the app will go into energy saving mode and the screen will darken, but it will still be working.

*** How do you guarantee the stability of the app? ***

  • We have tested our app on all possible events, such as incoming calls, SMS, calendar alerts … the app will be unaffected by all of these.
  • In the last three and a half years, we’ve made thousands of customers happy worldwide. We also have children and personally use these apps ourselves. Our friends are baby monitor app users too.

*** What do you mean by unlimited range? ***

Technically, you can go as far from your child as you want, as long as you have a connection to your mobile operator. However, please still act responsibly!

*** How can I use BabyTweet on my vacation? ***

In the same way you normally would; you could even buy a local and inexpensive pre-paid mobile card for your iPhone to save money on the Tweets.

*** What about the impact of electric smog on the child? ***

  • Place your iOS device approx. 2 to 3 metres away from your child, then the electric smog values will be reduced to practically zero at your baby’s bedside.
  • Generally, there is only emission when the app sends Tweets, but these only need a few Kbytes. See also the independent test of Stiftung Warentest – which is the German Consumer Report – on our app BabyPhone Deluxe.

*** How can I help make BabyTweet even better? ***

  • If you have a problem, or any ideas on how to make the app better, please contact us via email [email protected] You can also post comments with enhancements requests on our blog.
  • Please write a meaningful review in the App Store: you will be supporting us and helping other interested parents with their decision.