Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) – our latest baby monitor app

Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) is our newest accomplishment: a baby monitor app for the iPhone and iPad. If you have two iOS-devices (iPhone / iPad / iPad Touch) then buy this baby monitor app.

Profit from these advantages:

  • two-way-communication
  • video camera function within your WiFi network
  • in all other data networks with: take a photo whenever you like
  • unlimited range
  • switches seamlessly between WiFi, Edge and 3G
  • rock-solid stability, enhanced by a pro-active connection checker

only $ 3,99 !

Of course BabyPhone Duo (VoIP) offers further advantages, which can be found in all of our baby monitor apps:

  • setting up the app is a breeze with the configuration wizard
  • event log tracks all activities in the baby’s room
  • no interference with other baby monitors
  • slider for the sensitivity
  • filter for short sounds, like coughing etc.
  • automatic screen dimmer

*** How does Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) work in detail? ***

You only need to buy the app ONCE to install it on TWO iOS-devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad starting from iOS8.x). The first device acts as a sender in the baby’s room. You then take the other device with you as a receiver. The Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) Wizard will guide you through the installation when you start the app for the first time. Now you have unlimited range. If your child cries, you will first hear a warning beep; directly afterwards the app transmits all sounds made in the children’s room. Thanks to the two-way-communication you’re able to talk to your child, and at any time you can take a picture to check if everything is fine.

You will not need to manually reactivate the app after a call, the app will do this automatically. If you walk from one data network into a different network e.g. from the WLAN/WiFi at home to 3G, the connection may drop momentarily; however, the app will re-establish connectivity very quickly – automatically.

We recommend that you connect the baby sender iOS device to a charger when the app is active and place it around 2-3 metres distance from your child. Please put your iPhone on “don’t disturb” to prevent your child being woken up by incoming calls.

*** How do I turn off the app completely? ***

The app will keep running in the background when you press the ‘Home’ button so you’ll need to take an additional step to turn it off completely.  You have to delete the app in the task manager (multi-tasking) on the parent receiver device.

  • Double-click on the ‘Home’ button and press the icon of Baby Monitor (VoIP) until it shakes.
  • Then click the small red ‘badge’ on the icon and confirm the deletion.

*** Why does the screen get dark? ***

Just leave the app running in active mode; don’t turn off your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. After a couple of minutes, the app will go into energy saving mode and the screen will darken, but it will still be working.

*** How do you guarantee the stability of the app? ***

  • The VoIP (voice over IP) connection will be checked every 5 seconds and you will be warned immediately if the connection fails.
  • We have tested our app on all possible events, such as incoming calls, SMS, calendar alerts … the app will be unaffected by all of these..
  • Taking a remote photo of your child will not interfere with the monitoring process of the app. The photo will be sent on a sideband which has lower priority than the VoIP call. A photo carries approx. 100 KBytes.
  • We support multi-tasking on your device: should you accidently turn off the parent receiver device the app will still run in the background. You can also use other apps in-between. However, avoid using the telephone app (or any other app that needs to use the microphone or the phone’s speaker); in this case, you would have to start Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) again manually.

*** How can I buy the app only ONCE and install it TWICE? ***

Every app can be installed on up to five devices. Simply download the app with the same iTunes account/Apple ID over the App Store directly, or over iCloud.

*** What do you mean by unlimited range? ***

Technically, you can go away as far as you want from the sender device, as long as you still hold a data connection. The app will switch automatically between WiFi, 3G and Edge. You should still act responsibly and be able to go to your baby should he/she need you, though you may be able to calm your child using the two-way communication feature first.

*** What about the impact of electric smog on the child? ***

  • Generally, radio wave emissions only occur when a VoIP call is active, i.e. when an alert is triggered. This means that most of the time electric smog is minimal – see also the independent test by Stiftung Warentest on our app BabyPhone Deluxe.
  • If you place your iOS device approx. 2 to 3 metres from your child, as recommended, electric smog values are then reduced to practically zero at your baby’s bedside.
  • At home you could also remove your SIM card and use the WLAN/WiFi network so you don’t have any additional emissions caused by the mobile operator.

*** What is the data volume and how much does it cost? ***

In total, the app runs with a low data volume over our VoIP server. In non-operating state (when no call is placed, but the app is listening) this is a maximum of 40KByte/hour, which is the same as an average website. When talking as part of a VoIP call it will be max. 72Kbit/second. The costs depend on your contract with your provider. If you have a flat rate, you won’t pay anything. We don’t charge anything for the use of our VoIP server.

*** How can I help make Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) even better? ***

If you have a problem, or any ideas on how to make the app better, please contact us via email: [email protected] You can also post comments with enhancements requests on our blog.

Please write a meaningful review in the App Store: you will be supporting us and helping other interested parents with their decision.