Here you find an overview of the features of our baby monitor app family. If you still have questions or need help to decide, please contact us over our contact formular.


BabyTweet Monitor

BabyPhone Deluxe (Baby Monitor)

Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP)
Price of the baby monitor app $ 0,99 $ 2,99 $ 1,99
Notiffication type Twitter messages Telephone call Voice over IP
Connection type Data connection WiFi / WLAN / 3G / Edge Telephone net Data connection WiFi / WLAN / 3G / Edge
Unlimited range
Configuration wizard)
Solid connection
No interferences
Event log
Slider for the sensitivity
Save energy (darken) mode
Runs on iPad and iPod Touch
No manual reactivation necessary
Additional BabyRecorder
Camera-function (photo)
Two iOS devices needed