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  • androidguys: Nothing but Android videos and podcasts
  • Android Overview: Android News In A Nutshell
  • wikiHow: The How-to Manual That You Can Edit
  • Mobilewhack.com: All The Latest Cell Phone and Mobile Electronics News
  • App Shopper: What's new on the App Store
  • PRLogg: Free Press Release
  • Free Press Release: Press release distribution service since 2001
  • apptism: News and Application Tracker
  • iPhone Download Blog: News, apps, rumors, hacks and cracks
  • радионяняiPhone Apps and News Yappler
  • BetterAppStor: You can browse through apps by their category (just like in the App Store)
  • iPhone Application List: Great site for reviews on iPhone applications
  • i use this: Website to track your iPhone applications with rating and reviews



  • Mobilkom Austria has added us in their A1-App under recommended apps:

       Screenshot A1 reccomendation


  • Milchzwerge: Creative shirts, caps und exclusiv MyFancyCover
  • радионяня BabyPhone: Footballschool and footbal vacation camps under pedagogic guidance