BabyPhone Deluxe and iPhone OS 3.0 and OS 3.1

About OS 3.1

Yesterday the new OS 3.1 from Apple Inc. was released.

We tested our BabyPhone Deluxe on the official OS 3.1 and the annoying confirmation dialog is NOT appearing anymore! A call is being made directly when the sound threshold is reached. Jipii! This is a great step and a big delight for us.

Unfortunately BabyPhone is not re-activating itself after this first call, like it is under OS 2.1. We have to find out, if it is us who can change this, or if it is a bug by Apple, or maybe again whished behavior (like the confirmation dialog in OS 3.0.

What does that mean for you? After you upgrade to OS 3.1 you can use BabyPhone Deluxe in a limited way. This means that you have to make sure directly after the first call that your child is doing fine, and restart the application manually.

As soon as we have news, we will update you.


About OS 3.0

In OS 2.x releases, a native third party application can place unattended phone calls. This is the core functionality of a baby monitor: it automatically calls a configured number when the baby starts to make noise.

In OS 3.0, this behaviour has been changed. When a native application places a phone call, the OS will automatically display a confirmation dialog, requiring the user to press yes or no (accept the call or not). In the case of a baby monitor, there is no one around to do so – your baby obviously can’t!

The confirmation dialog is forced by the OS, there is no workaround. During our tests with the beta versions of OS 3.0 (starting end of April 2009), we have noticed that this was a blocker for BabyPhone Deluxe. The topic has been discussed extensively on the Apple Developers Forum. Many other developers have complained about this new behaviour: it breaks the functionality of all baby monitoring apps (and a whole range of other applications) available on the App Store.

We – and many other developers – filed bug reports and complaints, suggesting that the confirmation dialog should be configurable by the user: if the user could allow the application to place unattended phone calls, everything would be fine again. Unfortunately, nothing has been changed.

This is the reason why BabyPhone Deluxe doesn’t work as expected under OS 3.0.


What you can do

If you feel that BabyPhone Deluxe should function as it used to do in the OS 2.x versions you can contact Apple on This webpage has a feedback form where you can send your comments to Apple.

We suggest the following text:

  • Subject: Configurable confirmation dialog when app places phone call
  • Feedback type: Enhancement request
  • Comments:

"I am using BabyPhone Deluxe as a baby monitoring application. In OS 2.x, the application works as expected: it calls a configured number when my baby starts to make noise. In OS 3.0 however, the phone shows a confirmation dialog requiring the user to allow the phone call by pressing the "Yes" button. The baby obviously can’t press the button, rendering the app useless!
My suggestion: please add an extra button "Always allow" so I can decide for myself which applications can place unattended phone calls.
Thank you!"



What we do

We have logged bug reports and enhancement requests ourselves. We monitor the further development of the iPhone OS closely and will release a new version of BabyPhone Deluxe as soon as this behaviour has been changed.

Our influence on Apple Inc. is limited however, so we highly appreciate your help and understanding in this case.